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Jonathan Boyd

Name:- “Pretty Boy” Johnny Boyd

Height :- 6'1" (185cm)

Weight :- 238lb (108kg)
Born: - October 21, 1944
From:- Sydney, New South Wales
Trained by:- Al Morgan
Debut: - 1966
Retired: - 1991
Died: - August 7, 1999 (Heart attack)
Also Known As: - Lord Jonathan Boyd, Maniac Jonathan Boyd, “Wild Colonial Boy” Johnny Boyd, Jules Cadreau

Wrestled in Australia, being billed 'From Tasmania'. Wrestled Bruno Sammartino on several occasions during Bruno's Australian visits in 1966-67. Was used as mainly a lower mid-carder during his time in Australia. Formed 'The Royal Kangaroos' with Norman Frederick Charles III (who had previously wrestled in Australia as 'Murphy the Surfie' and 'Murphy the Magnificent'). Had a successful run as a singles wrestler in PNW, winning the hwt belt on separate occasions from Kurt von Steiger, Dutch Savage and Ed Wiskowski, and losing it to Dutch Savage (2) and Roddy Piper.

Had a brief run Los Angeles in 1979, winning the Americas Tag belts with Colosso Colosetti from Hector Guerrero & Barry Orton, before dropping them to The Twin Devils. Later in 1979, ventured to Georgia, swapping the Georgia TV title with Ray Candy.

Teamed with Luke Williams as 'The Kiwi Sheepherders'. Broke his leg in 1983, eventually returning as a manager for Luke Williams & Butch Miller. Began teaming in 1985 with Rip Morgan, as the "Kiwi Sheepherders". In 1988, returned to solo wrestling to win the Alabama Hwt title from Ranger Ross. Lost the title to Tom Pritchard, before going on th swap the IWCCW Hwt title with Joe Savoldi in 1988-89. 

Titles:- Pacific Northwest Hwt (3), Alabama Hwt, Georgia TV, Mid-Atlantic Brass Knuckles, IWCCW Hwt, International Tag (w/ Norman Frederick Charles III), Americas Tag (w/ Colosso Colosetti), AWA Southern Tag (w. Luke Williams [2], w. Rip Morgan [5]), Pacific Northwest Tag (w/ Norman Frederick Chalres III [6], w/ Dutch Savage), Southeastern Tag (w/ Luke Williams), Southwest Tag (w/ Luke Williams)

Credit: Mark Dalgleish, Wikipedia, Libnan Ayoub's 100 Years of Australian Professional Wrestling
Photo credit: