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Mason Childs

Name: Mason Childs
Born: 14 December, 1982
From: Brisbane, QLD, Aus
Trained by: WCWA Training School, Chris Hero, Shadow Phoenix

Debut:- 2002
Finishers: Millenneum Driver (Burning Hammer), Dragon Necklock

Mason was trained by the WCW Australia training school. Won the WCWA/MIW Cruiserweight title. Formed Team Dragon with BJ Blade and Obie. Went by the nickname "The Neo Samurai". Had memorable matches with Cruz. Fought a best of 5 series with Seoul. Founded PWAQ in 2007. Beat Chris Hero in the Rise of the Warriors 2007 tournament final and became the first PWA International champion. Defended against Ryan Eagles, Damien Slater, Murcielago (Shadow Phoenix), AJ Istria, James (BJ) Blade, Blakestone and Seoul. Lost the title to Obie Cartel. Lost to Chris Hero in round one of the 2008 Rise of the Warriors and broke his arm in the process. Unsuccessfully challenged Hero in a 2 out of 3 falls match for the PWG World Heavyweight Championship in December 2008. Fought Jay Law in AWF's first internet pay-per-view Aussie Mania. Defeated Roger Ventura, Mark Davis and Rocky Menero to win the 2011 Rise of the Warriors. Lost to Warship in the first PROWL Heavyweight title match. Fought Steve Moore to a 45 minute draw in an effort to win the PWA International title. Final match in PROWL was an 8-man tag (Mason Childs, Jade Diamond, Ben & Jon Farrar vs Warship, MC Mitch Cutting, Rip Rielly & Seth Gunner) where he was the sole survivor. Following the show he was awarded a custom-made 'Queensland Wrestling Undisputed Championship' belt and declared lifetime champion in a show of appreciation. Drew Mark Davis in a 2 out of 3 falls match. Unsuccessfully challenged Moore again in a four-way iron man match also involving Seoul and Josh Haze. Wrestled Ashe to a 10 minute draw at IPW's WCW/MIW/IPW Reunion show. Wrestled his only match in Caboolture-based AWA (Australian Wrestling Alliance) defeating Johnny Gunn. This made him the first man to have wrestled in all four Queensland promotions at the time (PWAQ, PROWL, IPWA (former WCWA/MIW) and AWA) Trained with Kijimuma/Dingo Cannon in the lead up to his final match. Lost to Seoul in his retirement match. Afterwards was presented with the PWA International Championship belt as a sign of respect.

As head trainer of PWAQ's Dragon's Lair (later renamed Proving Ground) training school as well as PROWL's Lion's Den training school - Mason is responsible for training many Queensland wrestlers. Mark Davis, Johnny Gunn, Joe and Josh Haze, Kobra Jones, Robbie Irons, Sammy Lee Shayder, PJ O'Connor, Jack Haggard, Ronnie St Michael. Since retiring - has maintained a backstage role for both PWAQ and PROWL.

Returned to wrestling on a fulltime basis at Pacific Pro Wrestling's first show in February, 2013. Has since seen regular work in Pacific Pro and AWA, as well as touring Tasmania and Japan. Won the AWA Q-League Tag titles and the Pacific Pro Wrestling Tag titles (the "Double Crown") with Koi Bombora, as Australian Wolverine/Wolf.

Major titles: MIW Cruiserweight Championship, PWA International Championship, PWAQ Rise of the Warriors tournament winner (2), Queensland Wrestling Undisputed Championship (unofficial), AWA Q-League Tag title (w/ Koi Bombora), Pacific Pro Tag title (w/ Koi Bombora). 

Credit: Chris Dalgleish
Photo credits: Jade Sue-Tin, PROWL Wrestling

masonchilds-jadefarewell mason
Mason at an AWF show in Brisbane (2007)------------------------------------Mason at his PROWL retirement show in Brisbane (2011)