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Jack Brisco

Name: - Jack Brisco
Height: - 6'0 (193cm)
Weight: - 234lb (106kg)
Born: - September 21, 1941
From: - Seminole, Oklahoma, USA
Trained by: - Leroy McGuirk
Debut: - June 5, 1965
Retired: - 1985
Died: - February 1, 2010 (complications after heart surgery)

Toured Australia; 1968, 1969, 1973

Held the NWA World title on two occasions. Won NCAA National Amateur wrestling tournament. Began wrestling around Oklahoma in 1965 before traveling to Florida. Was involved in an angle in Australia where the 'president of the Jack Brisco fan club' presented him with a watch on TV. Later in the telecast, Lars Anderson and Dick Murdoch appeared on the scene to break the watch, adding to the feud.

Had many matches with Dory Funk Jr for the NWA title, but finally won it from Harley Race in 1973. Defended the title in Australia against Spiros Arion in 1973. Swapped the title with Baba in Japan in 1974 before losing it to Terry Funk in 1975. Formed a successful tag team with younger brother Gerry, having a career-long feud with the Funks. Turned heel, to the surprise of many, in Mid-Atlantic in 1981. Along with Gerry, had a controlling interest in the Georgia promotion, which they sold to Vince McMahon in 1984. Retired in 1985 to run the Brisco Bros. Body Shop, a panelbeating establishment. 

Lived and trained in Florida, where the Briscos first discovered a young Terry Bollea, later to find fame as Hulk Hogan. Was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2008.

Titles held: - NWA World Hwt (2), Missouri Hwt (2), AWA Southern Hwt, NWA Southern Hwt (4), Mid-Atlantic Hwt (4), Eastern States Hwt (2), Louisiana Hwt, Florida Hwt (7), Oklahoma Hwt, Arkansas Hwt, Caribbean Hwt, National Hwt, Missouri Jr Hwt (2), Florida TV (3), Florida NWA Brass Knuckles, NWA World Tag (3, w/ Gerry Brisco), North American Tag (2, w/ Gerry Brisco), Florida US Tag (5, w/ Gerry Brisco), Tri-States US Tag (2, w/ Haystacks Calhoun, w/ Gorgeous George Jr), WWC North American Tag (w/ Gerry Brisco), Georgia Tag (2, w/ Gerry Brisco), Florida Tag (10, 8 w/ Gerry Brisco, w/ Cyclone Negro, w/ Jimmy Garvin), (Toronto) International Tag (w/ Gerry Brisco)

Jack Brisco v Blackjack Slade, World Championship Wrestling 1973

Credits: Mark Dalgleish, Wikipedia, Libnan Ayoub's 100 Years of Australian Professional Wrestling,
Photo credit:

Jack Brisco with the NWA title