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Antonio Pugliese


Name: - Antonio Pugliese
Height: - 5'11 (180cm)
Weight: - 241lb (109kg)
Born: - 1941
From: - Cosenza, Italy
Trained by: - Bert Ruby, Harry Light
Debut: - 1961
Died: - August 19, 2000 (heart attack)
Finisher: - Cannonball
Also known as: - Tony Parisi, Tenor Parisi

Toured Australia; 1969, 1970, 1985

Sometimes billed as the cousin of Bruno Sammartino. Wrestled mainly around Toronto and in WWWF, but also wrestled in California, Texas, Florida, Japan and Australia. Formed a popular tag team in Australia with Mario Milano. Was part of WWF's first Australian tour in 1985.

Titles held: - WWF International Hwt, IWA World Tag (5, w/ Don Leo Jonathan [2], w/ Mario Milano, w/ Mark Lewin, w/ Dominic De Nucci), WWWF World Tag (w/ Louis Cerdan [Gino Brito]), WWA (LA) World Tag (w/ Pedro Morales), NWF World Tag (3, w/ Dominic De Nucci [2], w/ Luis Martinez), WWWF US Tag (2, w/ Johnny Valentine, w/ Spiros Arion), Canadian International Tag (4, w/ Gino Brito [3], w/ Dino Bravo), Texas Tag (w/ Wahoo McDaniel), Florida Tag (w/ Dominic De Nucci)

Antonio Pugliese & Mario Milano v The Spoiler & Killer Karl Kox, World Championship Wrestling 1969

Credit: Mark Dalgleish, Wikipedia
Photo credit: unknown