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Killer Karl Krupp


Name: - Killer Karl Krupp
Height: - 6'2” (188cm)
Weight: - 256lb (116kg)
Born: - May 13, 1934
From: - Netherlands
Debut: - 1957
Retired : - 1988
Died : - August 24, 1995 (heart attack)
Finisher: - Iron claw
Also known as :- George Momberg, Dutch Momberg, Mad Dog Momberg, Baron von Krupp

Toured Australia :- 1977

Spent many years as a 'journeyman' wrestler, eventually in 1972 adopting the 'Krupp' persona. Momberg's childhood was scarred by growing up under the control of Nazi WW2 Germany, and he adopted the gimmick as a send-up of the Nazi regime.

Wrestled mainly in Canada, PNW, Japan, Tennessee, Detroit. Came to Australia in 1977, and was a part of the stable of manager Steve “Crusher” Rackman, along with Butcher Brannigan and Bugsy McGraw.Eventually retired in 1988, living in Eastern Canada until his death.

Titles held: - NWA Southern Hwt (2), WWC North American Hwt, Canadian North American Hwt (3), GP International Hwt (2), GP European Hwt, NWA Brass Knuckles (3), Austro-Asian Tag (w/ Butcher Brannigan), AWA Southern Tag (w/ El Mongol), Pacific Northwest Tag (w/ Kurt von Steiger), AJPW International Tag (3, w/ Johnny Valentine, w/ Fritz von Erich, w/ Karl von Steiger), GP North American Tag (w/ Hans Hermann)

Credit: Mark Dalgleish, Wikipedia, Libnan Ayoub's 100 Years of Australian Professional Wrestling
Photo credit: