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Andre The Giant

Name: - Andre the Giant
Height (billed): - 7'4” (224cm)
Weight: - 475lb (215kg)
Born: - May 19, 1946
From: - Grenoble, France
Trained by: - Frank Valois, Ed Carpentier
Debut: - 1963
Retired: - 1992
Died: - January 27, 1993 (heart attack)
Finishers: - Sit-down splash, double underhook suplex, kneeling reverse piledriver
Also known as: - Jean Ferre, Monster Rousimoff, Monster Eiffel Tower, Andre Rousimoff, Giant Ferre, Giant Machine
Toured Australia: - 1974, 1976, 1978

Known as “The Eighth Wonder of the World”, possibly the most recognised wrestler in history. Began wrestling in France, then travelled around the world. Debuted in Japan in 1970, where it was discovered that he was suffering from acromegaly. First made a name in North America wrestling in Montreal in 1971, before signing with AWA in 1972 as 'Jean Ferre'. Debuted in WWWF in 1973. Featured on the undercard of the Ali-Inoki wrestler v boxer match in 1976, fighting Chuck Wepner. Andre threw Wepner over the top rope to win the match.

Signed exclusively with WWF in 1984, which allowed Vince McMahon to control his contract, and 'rented' Andre out to such promotions as New Japan. Was turned heel in 1987 to have a match ith WWF champion Hulk Hogan. Hogan defeated Andre at Wrestlemania 3, but Andre defeated Hogan in the 'evil twin ref' angle on Saturday Night Main Event in 1988. Andre immediately turned the title over to Ted DiBiase, a change which was not recognised by WWF 'President' Jack Tunney. The title was declared vacant, and a tournament was held at Wrestlemania 4.

As Andre's health deteriorated, he was cast in a series of mid-card feuds (with Jake Roberts, John Studd and Ultimate Warrior) and tag matches. Left WWF in 1991, and wrestled in All-Japan until he retired at the end of 1992. Went to Paris in January 1993 to attend the funeral of his father, and suffered a fatal heart attack. Was the first inductee into WWF/WWE Hall of Fame in 1993.

Andre appeared in several movies: - The Princess Bride, Micki and Maude, Trading Mom – as well as making several TV appearances, most famously as “Bigfoot” on The Six Million Dollar Man.

Titles held: - WWF World Hwt, WWF World Tag (w/ Haku), IWA (Japan) World Tag (w/ Micha Nador), Austro-Asian Tag (w/ Ron Miller), Mid-South US Tag (w/ Dusty Rhodes), Florida Tag (w/ Dusty Rhodes)

Andre the Giant v Haruka Eigen & Osamu Kido, NJPW 1979

Credit: Mark Dalgleish, Wikipedia, Libnan Ayoub's 100 Years of Australian Professional Wrestling
Photo credit: Geoff Brown (scanned)

Andre The Giant being welcomed to Australia by Ted Whitten and Mike Cleary


World Championship Wrestling (Australia 1964 - 1978)