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Brock Lesnar

Name: Brock Lesnar
Height: 6' 3" / 1.91m
Weight: 266lbs / 121kg
Born: July 12, 1977 (Webster, South Dakota, USA)
From: Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
Trained by: Ohio Valley Wrestling
Debut: October 2000
Finishers: F5 (spinning fireman's carry facebuster), Brock Lock (over the shoulder single leg crab), Shooting Star Press

Brock Lesnar has competed at a national level in amateur wrestling, is a multiple-time WWE Champion, an IWGP Heavyweight Champion and a UFC Heavyweight Champion.

Lesnar wrestled through high school and eventually won the NCAA Heavyweight Championship in 2000. He left college and was signed up by WWE (then WWF) and assigned to Ohio Valley Wrestling where he teamed with his amateur training coach - Shelton Benjamin. He debuted on WWE TV with Paul Heyman as his manager in March 2002 to create immediate impact.

After winning the King of the Ring in June 2002, Lesnar defeated The Rock at Summerslam to capture his first WWE title. (At the time - the WWE Undisputed title). After losing to the belt to The Big Show he regained it at WrestleMania XIX.

In August 2002, on the WWE Global Warning Tour in Sydney - Lesnar unsuccessfully challenged The Rock in a three-way with Triple H for the WWE Undisputed title. In December 2003 on the Passport to Smackdown Tour he successfully defended his WWE title against Chris Benoit in Perth.

Lesnar left the WWE in 2004 to pursue goals of playing in the National Football League. While he made the Minnesota Vikings off-season/training squad - he never officially played in the NFL.

He returned to wrestling in 2005 - working for New Japan Pro Wrestling amidst a messy lawsuit with WWE. He defeated Kazuyuki Fujita and Masahiro Chono in a three-way to win Fujita's IWGP title. Following this, NJPW no longer acknowledged Lesnar as champion - though the Inoki Genome Federation did, where he later dropped the belt to Kurt Angle.

In 2006 Brock Lesnar made his MMA debut for K-1. He soon signed with Ultimate Fighting Championship where he lost to Frank Mir. He would develop a rivalry with Mir. He beat Randy Couture to become UFC Heavyweight Champion and then later retained against Mir. After a hiatus with illness - Lesnar lost the beat to Cain Velasquez. Lesnar then took a further break with illness and returned to lose to Alistair Overeem and retire from mixed martial arts.

He returned to WWE in April 2012.

Major titles: Amateur wrestling: NJCAA All-American (1997, 1998), NCAA Heavyweight Champion (2000). Pro wrestling: King of the Ring winner 2002, WWE Championship (4), Royal Rumble winner 2003, IWGP Heavyweight Championship, OVW Southern Tag Team Championship (3 - w/ Shelton Benjamin), Mixed martial arts: UFC Heavyweight Championship

Brock Lesnar v Brian McKendrick, WWE 2003

Credit: Chris Dalgleish, Wikipedia, Brock Lesnar's Death Clutch
Photo credit: Wikipedia