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Ox Baker


Name: - Ox Baker

Height: - 6'5” (196cm)

Weight: - 340lb (150kg)

Born: - 19 April, 1934

From: - Waterloo, Iowa

Trained by: - Buddy Austin, Pat O'Connor, Bob Geigel

Debut: - 1962

Retired: - 1988

Died:- 20 October, 2014 (complications from heart attack)

Finisher: - Heart punch

Also known as: - Doug Baker, The Ox, The Arkansas Ox


Toured Australia: - 1978


Debuted in 1962, defeating Spaceman Frank Hickey in his first match. Wrestled mainly around Central States, with a brief run in WWWF in 1967 as “The Arkansas Ox”. Through the 70s, travelled all over North America and abroad, having notable runs in Midwest, Florida and Georgia. His 'heart punch' is legendary, with two deaths after his matches – Alberto Torres died 3 days after receiving the punch (although he actually died of a ruptured appendix)in 1971, and Ray Gunkel died of a heart attack after a match with Baker in 1972. The deaths were used to promote Baker as a legitimate monster.

Toured Australia in 1978, winning the Austro-Asian tag title with Butcher Brannigan. They defeated Larry O'Dea and Mario Milano for the straps, before losing them to Ron Miller and Andre the Giant at the end of the year. Toured New Zealand in 1982.

After a brief retirement, came back to wrestle in AWA in 1988, teaming with “The Russian Brute”. Opened a wrestling school, producing several 'indy' wrestlers, as well as Bryan Clark. Has appeared in several movies over the years, including “Escape From New York”, “Blood Circus” and “The Big Brawl”. Still makes occasional appearance at wrestling shows.


Titles held: - WWC World Hwt, (Indiana) WWA World Hwt, Stampede North American Hwt, (Detroit) NWA US Hwt, Southeastern Hwt, American Hwt (2), Texas Hwt, NWF North American Hwt, (NZ) British Commonwealth Hwt, NWA Southern Hwt, IWA North American Hwt, MCW International Hwt, Puerto Rican Hwt, (LA) NWA World Tag (w/ Enforcer Luciano), Austro-Asian Tag (w/ Butcher Brannigan), Australasian Tag (w/ King Kamaka), (Indiana) WWA World Tag (w/ Chuck O'Connor), Americas Tag (w/ Enforcer Luciano), Florida Tag (w/ Superstar Billy Graham), Georgia Tag (w/ Skandor Akbar), Mid-Atlantic Tag (w/ Carl Fergie), Midwest Tag (3, w/ Rock Rogowski, w/ The Claw, w/ Great Kusatsu)

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Credit: Mark Dalgleish, Wikipedia, Libnan Ayoub's 100 Years of Australian Professional Wrestling, Royal Duncan & Gary Will's Wrestling Title Histories
Photo credit: Photobucket