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Rene Goulet


Name: - Rene Goulet

Height: - 6'0 (183cm)

Weight: - 220lb (100kg)

Born: - 12 July, 1933

From: - Quebec City, Quebec

Debut: - 1957

Retired: - 1987

Died: - 2019

Finisher: - Clawhold

Also known as: - Sgt. Jacques Goulet


Toured Australia: - 1969, 1970


Debuted in Quebec City in 1957, against Gerald Dugas. Was known as a very skilled wrestler. Traveled around the southern US during the 60s, as well as Pacific Northwest and AWA. Toured Australia as an upper midcard face, and with his long hair, was pushed as a 'romantic Frenchman'.

Teamed with Karl Gotch in WWWF, defeating Tarzan Tyler and Luke Graham for the World tag titles in 1971, before losing them to King Curtis and Mike Scicluna in early 1972. Had a run in AWA, becoming the first wrestler to defeat Ric Flair, in Flair's second pro match. Ventured to Bruiser's WWA, where he became 'Sgt. Jacques Goulet' in the Legionnaires tag team, firstly with Pvt. Don Fargo, then with Soldier Zarinoff Lebeouf. Had a successful run in Florida and Georgia before returning to WWF in the late 70s.

Wrestled mainly lower mid-card and tag matches in WWF until he retired in 1987. Was then seen for many years as a road agent, and made frequent returns to the ring to break up melees as 'ring security'.


Titles held: - NWA Southern Hwt, WWWF World Tag (w/ Karl Gotch), (Indiana)WWA World Tag (2, w/ Don Fargo, w/ Zarinoff Lebeouf), Georgia Tag (w/ Ole Anderson), Pacific Northwest Tag (2, w/ Pepper Martin, w/ Shag Thomas)

Credit: Mark Dalgleish, Wikipedia, Libnan Ayoub's 100 Years of Australian Professional Wrestling
Photo credit: Wrestlingdata