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Rip Hawk


Name: - Rip Hawk

Height: - 5'9” (175cm)

Weight: - 240lb (110kg)

From: - Indiana

Born: - 6 June, 1930

Trained by: - Karl Pojello

Debut: - 1949

Retired: - 1982

Died: - 22 Dec, 2012

Finisher: - Piledriver


Toured Australia: - 1970


Made his pro debut aged 18. Became a US Marine and served in the Korean War. Wrestled around the US during the 50s, eventually settling in the Mid-Atlantic in the early 60s. Teamed with Swede Hanson as the “Blond Bombers”. They became one of the top tag teams in the world, traveling to Australia, New Zealand, Japan.

Traveled to Australia in 1970, being awarded the IWA World Tag belts in April. Lost them to Mark Lewin and Antonio Pugliese in May. Took on Playboy Gary Hart as their manager. Hanson suffered a heart attack in 1971, so Hawk continued on a a singles wrestler back in Mid-Atlantic. Later successfully teamed with Ric Flair, Roger “Rip” Kirby and feuded with Hanson before teaming with him once again. Retired in 1982.


Titles held: - Texas Hwt, Eastern States Hwt (4), Rocky Mountains Hwt, IWA World Tag (w/ Swede Hanson), (Florida) NWA World Tag (w/ Swede Hanson), (Texas) NWA World Tag (w/ Rock Hunter), NWA Southern Tag (w/ Swede Hanson), Florida Tag (2, w/ Roger Kirby), Atlantic Coast Tag (4, w/ Swede Hanson), Mid-Atlantic Tag (w/ Ric Flair), Western States Tag (3, w/ Swede Hanson)

Credits: - Mark Dalgleish, Wikipedia