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Ivan Koloff

Name :- Ivan Koloff

Height :- 6'1" (185cm)

Weight :- 298lb (135kg)

Born :- August 25, 1942

From ;- Chrysler, Ontario, Canada

Trained by :- Jack Wentworth, Dan Koloff

Debut :- 1962

Retired :- 1994

Died :- Feb 17, 2017

Finishers :- Bearhug, Russian Neckbreaker

Also Known As :- Red McNulty, Jim Parris, Orwell Paris

Toured Australia:- 1970

Began wrestling in 1961 as Irishman Red McNulty around Montreal and Toronto. Ventured to Japan in the mid 60s. Started wrestling as "The Russian Bear" Ivan Koloff in Montreal in 1967. Won the Canadian IWA  title from Johnny Rougeau in 1968 before dropping it back to him later in the year. Toured Australia in 1970, wrestling Dominic de Nucci for the Australian IWA title.

Debuted in WWWF in 1970, appearing with Capt. Lou Albano as his manager. Shocked the world on January 18, 1971, by defeating Bruno Sammartino in Madison Square Garden for the WWWF World title. Lost the title 21 days later to Pedro Morales. Left WWWF in 1972 to wrestle in AWA and WWA, being managed by "The Big K" Stan Kowalski. Spent much of the 70s and 80s wrestling around Florida, Georgia and Mid-Atlantic, as well as returning to WWF in 1977 and 78. Eventually settled in Carolina, becoming a regular in WCW during the 80s. Teamed with his "nephew" Nikita Koloff during this time. Before retiring in 1994, spent time in ECW and Smokey Mountain Wrestling. 

Titles held :- WWWF World Hwt, NWA World TV (3), (Canada) IWA Hwt, WWA World Hwt, NWA Southern Hwt, Mid-Atlantic Hwt (4), Canadian Hwt, WWC Puerto Rican Hwt, Mid-Atlantic TV (2), GLWA US Hwt, USWA North American, Charlotte Legends, VWA Hwt, WOW International, CREW Hwt, NWA World Tag (5, w/ Nikita Koloff, Krusher Kruschev, Ray Stevens, Don Kernodle, Manny Fernandez), Florida Tag (5, w/ Pat Patterson, Masa Saito [3], Nikolai Volkoff), Georgia Tag (7, w/ Ole Anderson [5], Alexis Smirnoff [2]), Mid-Atlantic Tag (w/ Don Kernodle), NWA US Tag (2, w/ Krusher Kruschev, Dick Murdoch), (Canada) IWA Tag (w/ Mad Dog Vachon), ACW Tag (w/ Vladimir Koloff), NWA World 6-Man Tag (2, w/ Nikita Koloff & Krusher Kruschev, w/ The Barbarian & The Warlord)

Ivan Koloff v Bruno Sammartino, WWWF 1971