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Dewey Robertson / The Missing Link

Name: - Dewey Robertson

Height: - 6'2" (188cm)

Weight: - 250lb (120kg)

Born: - February 28, 1939

From: - Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Died: - August 16, 2007 (lung cancer)

Trained by: - Jack Wentworth

Debut: - 1960s

Retired: - May 5, 2007

Finishers: - Figure-4 leglock, diving headbutt

Also known as: - The Missing Link, Max the Missing Link, Troy Steel, The Crusader

Toured Australia: - 1972


Began wrestling in the mid-60s, making his name around the Toronto area. Became well known as a technical wrestler, also wrestling in Detroit. Toured Australia in 1972 as a mid-card face, before returning to Detroit as "The Masked Crusader". After being unmasked, formed a team with Billy "Red" Lyons. Wrestled around Oklahoma for a period before returning to the Toronto area as well as touring Japan. 

Toured Mid-Atlantic in 1980-81, winning the Mid-Atlantic tag belts on two occasions. Moved on to Central States in 1982-83, winning the Central States title on a couple of occasions, before changing his look and image and adopting the "Max the Missing Link" persona in Mid-South in 1983. Moved to World Class and found fame as "The Missing Link", wrestling in both Texas and Florida before being picked up by WWF in 1985. Was managed by Bobby Heenan in WWF before being moved to Jimmy Hart. Left WWF in late 1985 and returned to World Class. Also had stints in UWF and WWC (Puerto Rico) before semi-retiring in the 90s. 

Returned to ring action in 2004 as The Missing Link, before finally retiring a few months before his passing. Has two sons who became pro wrestlers - Jason Sterling and Mark Sterling.

Titles held: - NWA Canadian Hwt, Central States Hwt, Central States TV, (Toronto) NWA International Tag (3, w/ Billy Lyons), (Tri-State) NWA US Tag (w/ Dennis Stamp), Mid-Atlantic Tag (2, w/ George Wells, w/ Johnny Weaver), Central States Tag (5, w/ Rufus Jones, w/ Steve Regal [2], w/ Hercules Hernandez [2])

Missing Link v Jose Luis Rivera, Madison Square Garden, WWF, 1985

Credits - Mark Dalgleish, Wikipedia, YouTube