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Ed Wiskowski / Col. de Beers

Name: - Ed Wiskowski

Height: - 193cm (6'4")

Weight: - 275lb (125kg)

Born: - January 10, 1945

From: - St. Joseph, Missouri

Trained by: - Harley Race, Lord Littlebrook

Debut: - 1972

Retired: - 2005

Also known as: - Col. de Beers, Derek "The Mongoose" Draper, The Polish Prince, Mega Maharishi, Mighty Yankee II.

Toured Australia: - 1976, 1977

A former NFL player with the Cincinnati Bengals, turned pro wrestler in late 1972. Worked mainly in Pacific Northwest and Central States, but ventured to San Francisco as well, having a run with both the US belt and the tag titles. Toured Australia in 1976 and 1977, teaming with Larry O'Day to win the Austro-Asian tag titles from Kevin Martin and Johnny Gray. Had a falling-out with O'Day and teamed with Masa Saito but they were beaten by O'Day and Rick Martel for the belts.

Toured Florida as Derek "The Mongoose" Draper with success, before having a brief run in WWF as "The Polish Prince". Returned to PNW as Mega Maharishi, a character based on the controversial Baghwan Rajneesh. Went to AWA, where his most famous incarnation was created - Col. de Beers. De Beers was a South African bigot who refused to wrestle black wrestlers, most notably Jimmy Snuka. Turned out to be one of the few highlights of the dying AWA promotion. Wrestled briefly for Herb Abrams' UWF in the early 90s, before semi-retiring in indies. Ran a wrestling school with Playboy Buddy Rose from 2001-06.

Titles held: - (SF) US Hwt, Central States Hwt, (Florida) Southern Hwt, Pacific Northwest Hwt (3), SCW Hwt, Pacific Northwest TV, CWUSA TV (5), SCW Brass Knuckles, North Carolina Hwt (2), (SF) NWA World Tag (3, w/ Buddy Rose [2], w/ Roddy Piper), Austro-Asian Tag (w/ Larry O'Day), Pacific Northwest Tag (5, w/ Buddy Rose [3], w/ Kendo Nagasaki, w/ John Rambo), Tri-State Tag (w/ Mike George)

Ed Wiskowski v Jerry Grey, PNW 1985