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Mitsu Arakawa

Name : - Mistu Arakawa

Born : - May 23, 1923

From - Japan (billed)

Died : - April 17, 1997

Finisher : - Claw hold

Toured Australia : - 1965, 1966, 1970

Portrayed the stereotype "inscrutable Oriental" villain, actually enlisted in the US army in 1945. Wrestled extensively throughout the Midwest during the 50s, usually teaming with Kinji Shibuya. Won the Minneapolis version of the NWA World tag titles in 1957, defeating Ivan & Karol Kalmikoff, before dropping them to Joe & Guy Brunetti. Moved to Vancouver in the early 60s, teaming with Mr Moto before venturing to San Francisco.

Wrestled in Canada during the mid 60s, venturing to Australia on two occasions during this period. Won the IWA World Hwt title from Dominic de Nucci in April 1965, holding it for a month before losing it to Hercules Cortez. Moved to WWA in Indiana in 1967, also featuring in AWA. Won the AWA World tag titles with Dr Moto (Tor Kamata), defeating Pat O'Connor & Wilbur Snyder in December 1967, holding the straps for a year before losing them to Dick the Bruiser & Crusher Lisowski. Toured WWWF in 1969, being awarded the WWWF International Tag titles with Prof Tanaka before losing them to Tony Marino (Dino Lanza) & Victor Rivera.

Returned to Australia in 1970, teaming with old friend Kinji Shibuya. Won the IWA World Tag titles from King Curtis & Buddy Austin before dropping them to Dominic de Nucci & Bobo Brazil. Signed with the NWF in 1971, winning the promotions World Tag titles with Yoshino Sato in a tournament in January 1972. Held them for two months before dropping them to Dominic de Nucci & Tony Parisi (Antonio Pugliese). Curtailed his wrestling activity by the mid 70s.

Arakawa had a hand in the training and introduction to wrestling of such wrestlers as Prof Tanaka, Mr Fuji, Masa Saito and Yoshino Sato.

Titles held: - (Aust) IWA World Hwt, (Indiana) WWA World Hwt, AWA World Tag (w/ Dr Moto), (Aust) IWA World Tag (w/ Kinji Shibuya), (Indiana) WWA World Tag (2, w/ Dr Moto), NWF World Tag (w/ Yoshino Sato), (Minnesota) NWA World Tag (w/ Kinji Shibuya), (SF) AWA World Tag (w/ Kinji Shibuya), (Buffalo) NWA World Tag (w/ Mr Moto), WWWF International Tag (w/ Prof Tanaka), (Stampede) International Tag (w/ Kinji Shibuya), (Vancouver) Pacific Coast Tag (w/ Mr Moto).

Mitsu Arakawa & Mr Moto v Moose Cholak & Paul Christy, WWA, 1967

Credits : - Mark Dalgleish, Online World of Wrestling, Gary Will's Wrestling Title Histories, Libnan Ayoub's 100 Years of Australian Wrestling