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Dominic DeNucci

Name: - Dominic DeNucci

Height: - 6'3" (1.91cm)

Weight :- 245lb (111kg)

Born : - January 23, 1932

From :- Venice, Italy

Trained by :- Tony Lanza

Debut :- 1958

Retired :- April 14, 2012

Died :- August 12, 2021

Finisher :- Airplane Spin

Also known as :- Dominic Bravo, The Masked Marvel, Don deNucci

Toured Australia :- 1964, 1965, 1966, 1968, 1970

Competed in Graeco-Roman wrestling in his native Italy. Migrated from Italy to Canada in 1951. Began training under Tony Lanza, eventually turning pro in 1958.

He initially wrestled under a mask as "The Masked Marvel" in Montreal. Became tag partner of (the original) Dino Bravo, wrestling as his "brother" Dominic Bravo. They teamed across Canada and into the US until 1963.

In 1964, Jim Barnett & Johnny Doyle were in the throes of starting a new promotion in Australia, the IWA. They identified that Australia had a strong ethnic diversity, and that there was a strong Italian heritage in the country, so they reckoned on tapping into that in a similar way that Vince McMahon Srhad done in New York with Bruno Sammartino. They saw DeNucci wrestling in San Francisco and identified him as their "rock".

He quickly became a huge star of the fledgling promotion, and a mainstream celebrity along with his nemesis, Killer Kowalski. Between 1964 and 1970, he was brought out 5 times. He won the IWA World Hwt title on 3 occasions, as well as the World Tag title on 3 occasions.

Wrestled mainly in the US and Canada in between Australian visits, mainly around WWWF, Montreal, NWF and Big Time Wrestling in Detroit. Had a run with the WWWF Tag titles, winning them with Victor Rivera, and then defending them with Pat Barrett after Rivera left the area.

After his active career wound down, he took to training wrestlers, notably Mick Foley, Shane Douglas and Brian Hildebrand (Mark Curtis).

Titles held: -  IWA World Hwt (3), NWF World Hwt, NWF North American Hwt (2), AWA US Hwt, WWWF World Tag (2) [w/ Victor Rivera/Pat Barrett, w Dino Bravo], IWA World Tag (3) [w/ Mark Lewin, w/ Antonio Pugliese, w/ Mario Milano], WWA World Tag (w/ Wilbur Snyder), (Vancouver) NWA World Tag (w/ Don Leo Jonathan), (Detroit) NWA World Tag (w/ Chris Markoff), NWF World Tag (2, w/ Tony Parisi), NWA Florida Tag (w/ Tony Parisi), Canadian International Tag (w/ Nick de Carlo), Stampede International Tag (3, w/ Ron Etchison), (Vancouver) Canadian Tag (w/ Don Leo Jonathan), NIWA Tag (w/ Mr Hati), West Virginia Tag (w/ Apache Lou)

Dominic DeNucci vs George Lackey 1965, Australian TV

Credits :- Mark Dalgleish, Wikipedia, Slam Wrestling