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Bill Miller

Name :- Dr. Bill Miller

Height :- 6' 6" (198cm)

Weight :- 290 lb (130 kg)

Born :- June 5, 1927

From :- Fremont, Ohio, USA

Debut :- 1952

Retired :- 1976

Died :- March 24, 1997 (heart attack)

Also known as :- Mr. M, Dr. X, Crimson Knight

Toured Australia :- 1968


Was a college and university star in football, wrestling and field athletics before becoming a pro wrestler. Also became a qualified veterinarian around the same time.

Began wrestling in Ohio in 1952, winning many titles through the 50s. Wrestled in the AWA in its early days, under a mask as "Mr. M". Won the AWA World title from Verne Gagne in 1962 and held it for seven months before dropping it back to Gagne.

Moved to US northeast, wrestling in WWWF. Was a top challenger for Bruno Sammartino's World title for several years. Tagged with his brother Danny to win the WWWF US Tag titles.

Toured Australia in 1968, teaming with Killer Kowalski to win the World Tag titles from Dominic de Nucci & Antonio Pugliese, before dropping them a month later to de Nucci and Mario Milano. Had success in Japan, winning their IWE World title from Thunder Sugiyama.

Wrestled in Bruiser's WWA before winding down his career around the Midwest. Upon retirement in 1976, went back to his Veterinary practice.


Titles held :- AWA World Hwt, (Omaha) AWA World Hwt (2), IWE World Hwt, AWA US Hwt, (Texas) NWA Brass Knuckles, (Australia) IWA World Tag (w/ Killer Kowalski), WWWF US Tag (w/ Danny Miller), WWA World Tag (w/ Dick the Bruiser)

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