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TNT / Aussie OzBone

Name: TNT
Height: 6'
Weight: 100 kgs
Borm: February 20 1977
From: Chuluota, Florida, USA
Trained by: Shane Fenton, Rey Misterio Sr, Phobia
Debut: 5th April 1994
Finishers: The Detonator (Inverted double underhook facebuster)
Also known as: Aussie OzBone, TNT Kid, Tommy The Cat

TNT is one of Australia's top wrestlers. Based in Sydney, he trained under Shane Fenton and debuted in 1994. Wrestled for World Wide Wrestling and Australian Championship Wrestling. Won the WWW Australasian Tag Team title with Kiss. Beat Mark Mercedes for the ACW Heavyweight title. Moved to International Wrestling Australia in 1998.

Formed AWF in 1999. Beat Lobo in a tournament final to win the AWF Australasian title in August 2001. Held the title for 12 months before losing it to Il Cognito. Went to Mexico in 2002 and studied lucha libre under Rey Misterio Sr, and Phobia. Returned to Australia and feuded with Mark Hilton, Scotty Club and Dean Draven.

Toured the country with World Series Wrestling on the International Assault tour in 2005. Won a three-way against Frankie Kazarian and Super Dragon. Went to Japan in 2006 and wrestled as Aussie OzBone in ZERO1-MAX. Defeated Steve Ravenous to win the AWF title in 2007. Traded it with CIMA. Defeated Steve Corino to win the AWA Superstars of Wrestling World Heavyweight title, but the title was returned on a technicality. Defended the AWF title against Bryan Danielson in Brisbane in 2007. Defended the title in a four-way in WSW against Billy Kidman, Kid Kash and Austin Aries.

Toured Japan and wrestled for Dragon-Gate. Defended AWF title against Kid Kash in WSW. Also defended title against Masaaki Mochizuki, Ryo Saito, Lee Starr, Mana, Lebo Ceda, Billy Flyswat, Sean Waltman, Harry Hardshaw, Sabu, Super Shenron. Formed The New Detonation Crew with Billy Flyswat, Chris X and Powerhouse Theo. Lost the AWF title to Raven but regained it in New Zealand. Won the AWA World Heavyweight title from Rave in 2008 in Perth.

Ended a decade long feud with Il Cognito in 2009 in a steel cage match, winning his sixth AWF Australasian title. Successfully defended it against Al Snow. Injured his shoulder while champion working in Florida Championship Wrestling during a tour of the United States and vacated the title. Hosted AWF's first internet pay-per-view as Aussie OzBone while injured.

Major titles: AWF Australasian Championship (6), PWW Australian Championship, AWA World Heavyweight Championship, ACW Australan Heavyweight Championship, WWW Australasian Tag Team Championship (w/ Kiss)

Credit: Chris Dalgleish, Media Man Australia, AWF, Wikipedia
Photo credit: Media Man Australia