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Niki Nitro

Name: Niki Nitro
From: Warrawong, NSW, Aus
Trained by: Andy Harpas, Daniel Harpas, Sonny Siaki
Debut: May 2000
Also known as: Wildfire

Niki was taken by her father to her first show in 1999, an Australian Championship Wrestling show. She quickly sought out training. After being trained by Andy and Daniel Harpas she wrestled her debut match as Wildfire in a Warrawong shopping centre in May 2000 against Poison Ivy. ACW became Wrestling X-Treme Australia and Wildifre underwent a name change to Niki Nitro. Joined X-Treme Damage Control under the wing of Cobra Tai. After WXA folded in 2007 Niki moved on to Ultimate Wrestling Alliance in Illawarra. She then started touring the east coast of Australia. She is a member of Ladies of Australian Wrestling (LAW) and has been to the US and trained under Sonny Siaki.

Wrestled for World Wrestling X-Treme in their debut weekend in 2011. Beat Baby Devine in Pro Wrestling Alliance Queensland in 2011 to win their Women's title after her and Devine pulled a swerve and joined forces.

Major titles: PWAQ Underground Women's Championship

Niki Nitro v Baby Devine, PROWL 2011

Credit: Chris Dalgleish, Ladies of Australian Wrestling
Photo credit: Australian Wrestler Miss Niki Nitro Facebook page