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Vivian Vachon



Name: - Vivian Vachon

Height :- 5'7” (170cm)

Weight: - 145lb (66kg)

Born: - 14 Feb, 1950

From: - Montreal, Quebec

Trained by: - Mad Dog Vachon, Fabulous Moolah

Debut: - 1968

Retired: - 1986

Died: - 25 Aug, 1991 (car accident)


Toured Australia: - 1970


Known as much for her beauty as her considerable wrestling talent. Was the youngest of 13 children (her older brothers included Mad Dog and Butcher Vachon). Trained at Moolah's wrestling school before turning pro at age 18. Quickly became a top star around the world.

Toured Australia in 1970, wrestling as a face and often teaming with Donna Christanello against Paula Kaye and Rita Boucher.

Won the AWA World Women's title in 1971, defeating Betty Niccoli in Winnipeg. Was the star of a movie, “Wrestling Queen” (released in 1973). Retired in 1979 to have children, but made a comeback in the 80s. Also had a brief singing career in Canada. She as killed in a car accident, along with her daughter, when hit by a drunk driver in 1991.

Was the aunt of Luna Vachon, who was Butcher Vachon's adopted daughter.


Titles held: - AWA World Women's, California Women's, GPW Women's

Vivian Vachon v Kay Noble, AWA 1972

Credit: Mark Dalgleish, Wikipedia, Libnan Ayoub's 100 Years of Australian Profesional Wrestling, WTH, IMDB
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