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Jack Little


Name: - Jack Little

Born: - 1909

From: - USA



The doyen of wrestling commentators in Australia. Worked as a commentator and sports broadcaster in America in the 40s and early 50s. Moved to Melbourne to work for Channel 9 in 1956. Became commentator on “Wrestling Down Under”, which featured the local scene.

Contacted Johnny Doyle, who he had worked with in the US, and told him of the opportunity in Australia for an American style of wrestling (Prior to WCW, wrestling in Australia was based on the English 'rounds' system, as is used in boxing). Worked for Barnett and Doyle from 1964 until the mid 70s.

Was involved in a famous incident in 1972, when he was on the ring apron talking to Killer Karl Kox when Kox applied the 'brainbuster' to him. Little wore a neckbrace for several weeks after.

Was also a mainstream media personality, featuring as sidekick to another American inport, Tommy Hanlon Jr, on TV shows “It Could Be You” and :The Tommy Hanlon Show”.

Famed for his gravel voice, and for some of his phrases, such as “Wham! Bam! Thank you Mam!”, “All I can say is – Wow!”, and “That's all there is, there isn't any more!”

Credit: Mark Dalgleish, Libnan Ayoub's 100 Years of Australian Professional Wrestling
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