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WPW Annual Awards

Westside Pro Wrestling is a website run by Tez. It provides unmatched coverage of the Western Australian wrestling scene. Since 2009, WPW have given out annual awards.

EPW Wrestler of the Year
2009: Bobby Marshall
2010: Davis Storm/Sebastian Sander (Tie)
2011: Marcius Pitt

NHPW Wrestler of the Year
2010: NC Viper
2011: Kabel

SHWA Wrestler of the Year
2009: Jarrad Slate
2010: Jarrad Slate
2011: Crazy Train

Lucha Royale Character of the Year
2011: Pandita

EPW Match of the Year
2009: Slex & Carlo Cannon vs Davis Storm & Jimmy Payne (WA vs VIC)
2010: Richter vs Bobby Marshall (Re-Awakening 8)
2011: Bobby Marshall vs Gavin McGavin (Re-Awakening X)

NHPW Match of the Year
2009: B-Boy vs Jarek Matthews (Southern Impact)
2010: Kellie Skater vs Jessie McKay (Hardcore Resurrection 2010)
2011: Homicide vs Tama Williams (Battle of Honour)

SHWA Match of the Year
2009: Chris Masters vs Jarrad Slate (Breaking Ground)
2010: Jarrad Slate vs Crazy Train (Reckless Abandon)
2011: The Wraith vs Jarrad Slate (Ascension III)

International Impact Award (WA International Wrestler of the Year until 2010)
2009: Mikey Nicholls
2010: Bobby Marshall
2011: Shane Haste/Mikey Nicholls (Tie)

Feud of the Year
2010: The Blackest Hour vs Team Allstar (EPW)
2011: Davis Storm vs Marcius Pitt (EPW)

EPW Event of the Year
2010: Re-Awakening 8
2011: Re-Awakening X

NHPW Event of the Year
2010: Global Conflict
2011: Battle of Honour

SHWA Event of the Year
2010: Midyear Mayhem
2011: Midyear Mayhem

Tag Team of the Year
2009: Blitz Team (EPW)
2010: TMDK (EPW)
2011: Diamonds in the Rough (EPW)

Rookie of the Year
2009: Corey (SHWA)
2010: Dan Steel (SHWA)
2011: Hayden Zenith (EPW/AAW/SHWA/NHPW)

Manager of the Year
2009: Ebenizah J. Klaus (SHWA/NHPW)
2010: Ebenizah J. Klaus (SHWA)
2011: William Darcy (EPW/SHWA)

Valet of the Year
2011: Amber (EPW)

Referee of the Year
2009: Liam Ferguson (SHWA/NHPW)
2010: Giles O'Brien (EPW)/Liam Ferguson (SHWA) (Tie)
2011: Giles O'Brien (EPW)

Announcer of the Year
2009: Callan Rose (EPW)
2010: CJ Rose (EPW)
2011: CJ Rose (EPW)

International Wrestler of the Year
2009: Jarek Matthews (EPW/SHWA/NHPW)
2010: Colt Cabana (NHPW)
2011: Homicide (NHPW)

Interstate Wrestler of the Year
2009: KrackerJak (EPW)
2010: Damian Slater (EPW)
2011: Carlo Cannon (EPW)

Wrestler of the Year (Reader's Choice)
2009: Davis Storm (EPW)
2010: Jarrad Slate (SHWA)

Women's Wrestler of the Year
2009: Michelle (SHWA/AAW)

Commentator of the Year
2009: Mean Dean Olsen (EPW)
2010: Mean Dean Olsen (EPW)

Entrance Theme of the Year
2009: NC Viper (SHWA/NHPW): Kid Tsunami - "Who's The Man?"