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June 11, 1928 - Sydney - Clete Kauffman d Jack Winrow.

July 14, 1928 - Melbourne - Clarence Eklund d Clete Kauffman

August 4, 1928 - Melbourne - Pinky Gardner d Clete Kauffman

August 11, 1928 - Adelaide - Billy Meeske d Clete Kauffman

September 1. 1928 - Adelaide - Clarence Eklund d Clete Kauffman

September 22, 1928 - Brisbane - Clete Kauffman drew Luis Pergantes

September 28, 1928 - Brisbane - Clete Kauffman d Jim Heslin

October 6, 1928 - Brisbane - Bob Myers d Clete Kauffman. Clarence Eklund d Ted Thye to regain the World Middlewt title.

October 20, 1928 - Brisbane - Clete Kauffman d Pat McCarthy

October 29, 1928 - Sydney - Ted Thye d Clete Kauffman

1928 - Clarence Eklund d Ted Thye.

1928 - Count George Zarynoff d Pinkie Gardner.

1928 - at Sydney Stadium in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Clarence Eklund v Count George Zarynoff.

December 26, 1928 - in Perth, Western Australia. Henry Irslinger d Billy Meeske to win the British Empire LtHwt title.