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February 20, 2016 - Pacific Pro Wrestling at Bundamba Secondary College in Ipswich, Queensland, Australia. Lynx Lewis Jr, Renegade & TJ Warrior d Bryce McAlister, Blair Seeker & Astro Shock. Thirteen d Ricky Rembrandt. Australian Wolf d BJ Blade. Alex Shepard d Rufio via forfeit. Lucas Gold d Adam Brooks. Australian Wolf d Thirteen. Alex Shepard d Lucas Gold. Kellyanne d Catherine Mynx to retain the Pacific Women's title. Australian Wolf d Alex Shepard to win the P1 tournament.

February 27, 2016 - PROWL Wrestling at Cleveland Community Centre in Cleveland, Queensland, Australia. TJ Warrior d Stunning Sam. PJ O'Conner d B-Larz. Thirteen d Ricky Rembrandt to win the vacant PROWL Super Hulk title. Renegade d Jamie Luxford. Lynx Lewis Jr d Jake Nova. Rip Rielly d Alex Shepard (w/ Riebell) to retain the PROWL Hwt title.

May 21, 2016 - Pacific Pro Wrestling at Bundamba Secondary College in Ipswich, Queensland, Australia. Thirteen d TJ Warrior. Tim Kade d Blair Seeker. Renegade d Ricky Rembrandt. Johnny Lukas d Slammin' Sam to retain the Pacific Hwt title. Alex Shepard d Koi Bombora. Kellyanne d Harley Wonderland, Catherine Mynx and Rie Bell in a 4-way to retain the Pacific Women's title. Tim Kade d Renegade to win the vacant Pacific LtHwt title. Australian Wolf d AJ Istria.

July 16, 2016 - EPW at Cyril Jackson Recreation Centre in Bassandean, Western Australia. Bodhi McKenzie, Johnny Wimbledon & Ross Cage d Byron McKenzie, David Nero & Taylor King. Hughesy d Dean Valente. Michelle K Hasluck d Prince Elliot Forbes in a chair-on-a-pole match.Damian Slater d Chris Vice. Dan Moore & Jarrad Slate d Hayden Zenith & Michael Morleone, Dan Steel & Twitch, and Jordan Bishop & Liam Mendel in an elimination match to retain the EPW Tag titles.Marcius Pitt d Davis Storm (w. Amity Roe) via dq, but failed to win the EPW Hwt title. Hartley "Jag" Jackson d Alex Kingston, Mr Juicy and Sean Kustom to win the State of Origin shield.

August 27, 2016 - QWA at Townsville Greek Community Centre in Townsville, Queensland, Australia. Seth Tylors d Spartacus. Marcus Adonis d Stitches. Nick Stitz d Benny B Badd. His Royal Tenis & Tower of Power d Karlos Aries & The Choff to win the QWA Tag titles. Johnny Maverick & Robert Maverick d Deadstar & Minion. Nick Stitz d Marcus Adonis and Seth Tylors to win the right to challenge for the Global title. Rocko Rumble d Nick Stitz to retain the QWA Global title.

September 3, 2016 - Pacific Pro Wrestling at Bundamba State Secondary College in Ipswich, Queensland, Australia. Bryce McAllister, Blair Seeker & Astro Shock d TJ Warrior, Sam Richards & Bobby Bishop. Harley Wonderland d Rie Bell. Tim Kade d Renegade to retain the Pacific Lighthwt title. JL Gold d Rip Rielly. Alex Shepard d AJ Istria. Rufio d Johnny Lukas via dq, so failed to win the Pacific Hwt title.

September 24, 2016 - AWA at Caboolture Memorial Hall in Caboolture, Queensland, Australia. Mark Davis d Jamie Luxford. Hugh Manatee d Kelso Kahoniz to retain the YOLO title. Riebell d Sofia Moralez. Rip Rielly d Mr Juicy. Combat Wombat, Dolph Finn, Mega Cyclone & Super Chico d Blair Seeker, Jaxon Cross, JL Gold & Xander Sullivan. Showtime Jake Nova d Alex Shepard. Rufio d Tim Kade via dq, but failed to win the AWA Hwt title.

November 12, 2016 - AWA Grindhouse at the Globe Theatre in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Zero & Jake Nova d Jamie Luxford & Jaxon Cross. Jackson Spade d Jade Diamond via reversed decision. Rip Rielly d Hugh Manatee to win the YOLO Hardcore title. Alex Titan d Kelso Kahoniz. Nick Visic d Johnny Lukas. Tim Kade d Mark Davis, Alex Shepard and JL Gold to retain the AWA Hwt title.