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August 3, 2001—Australasian Wrestling Federation in Penrith, New South Wales, Australia. TNT b Scarecrow. TNT b Hardcore Superstar. TNT b Lobo to become the first AWF Australasian champion.

October 26, 2001—World Wrestling Allstars – The Inception at the Sydney Superdome in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. WWA World Heavyweight Championship tournament matches: Juventud Guerrera b Psicosis in a ladder match to win the vacant WWA International Cruiserweight Championship. BG James b Konnan in a dog collar match. Norman Smiley b Crowbar in a hardcore match (non-tournament), Buff Bagwell won a 6 man battle royal featuring; Disco Inferno, Stevie Ray, Norman Smiley, Crowbar and Jerry Lawler. Jeff Jarrett b Nathan Jones in a guitar on a pole match. BG James b Lenny Lane & Lodi (replacements for Juventud Guerrera) in a three-way. Jeff Jarrett b Buff Bagwell in a Tits, Whips and Buff match. Gangrel b Luna Vachon in a Black Wedding match. Jeff Jarrett b BG James in a steel cage match to become the first WWA World Heavyweight Champion.