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March 15, 2002--Professional Championship Wrestling at HMAS Cerberus in Crib Point, Victoria, Australia. Lynch & Fuel b Rave & 69. Mercury vs Minx went to a time limit draw. Steve Frost & Lee Starr b Spike Steele & Mad Dog McCrea. Bully the Brawler b The Slab & George "The Hitman" Julio in a handicap match. King Haka b Cremator in a Last Man Standing match. Mystery b Enforcer in a first blood match. Armageddon b Thug Thomas. Jason Helton b Lobo in a falls count anywhere match.

April 13, 2002World Wrestling Allstars The Eruption at the Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. AJ Styles b Nova via pinfall in a semi-final for the vacant WWA International Cruiserweight title. Jerry Lynn b Chuckie Chaos via pinfall in a semi-final for the WWA Cruiserweight title. Grandmaster Sexay & Ernest Miller b Buff Bagwell & Stevie Ray via pinfall. Allan Funk b Pierre Ouellet via pinfall. AJ Styles b Jerry Lynn via pinfall to win the WWA Cruiserweight title and tournament. Sabu b Crowbar in a cage match. Midajah b Queen Bea in an evening gown match. Scott Steiner (w/ Midajah) b Nathan Jones (outside enforcer: Sid Vicious) to win the vacant WWA World Heavyweight Championship.

May 4, 2002--Professional Championship Wrestling - Mayhem at Rowville Community Centre in Rowville, Victoria, Australia. Mercury b Black Widow. El Blood b Foxx. Enforcer b Rave. Lee Starr b Mad Dog McCrea. Mighty Illusion b Fuel & Lynch. The Slab b George "The Hitman" Julio. Spike Steele b Lobo in a steel cage match.

June 15, 2002--Professional Championship Wrestling - Hazard at the Ukranian Club in Essendon, Victoria, Australia. Laser, Impact & Mad Rock b Lynch, Fuel & Disco Stu. Wog Warrior b George "The Hitman" Julio. Enforcer b Cremator. Mad Dog McCrea b Krackerjak in a hardcore match. Lobo b Rave. Spike Steele b Lee Starr. Armageddon b Jason Helton in a steel cage match.

August 3, 2002Australasian Wrestling Federation in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Il Cognito b TNT to become the new AWF Australasian champion.

August 10, 2002World Wrestling Entertainment Global Warning Tour at Colonial Stadium in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Rikishi b Rico in a Kiss my Ass match. Mark Henry & Randy Orton b Reverend D-Von & Deacon Batista. Jamie Noble (w/ Nidia) b Hurrican Helms to retain the WWE Cruiserweight title. Chavo Guerrero & Hardcore Holly (w/ Maven) b Billy & Chuck (w/ Rico). Kurt Angle b Test. Lance Storm & Christian b Billy Kidman & Rey Mysterio to retain the WWE Tag Team titles. Edge b Chris Jericho. Torrie Wilson b Stacy Keibler in a Bra and Panties match. The Rock b Triple H and Brock Lesnar (w/ Paul Heyman) in a three-way to retain the World Heavyweight Championship.

August 24, 2002--Australian Wrestling Entertainment at Fairfield-Cabramatta PCYC in Cabramatta, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. TJ Haze b Troy The Boy. Taylor Baines b Scarecrow. Striker & Maverick won the AWE Tag titles in a four corners match. Amy Action b Kisara to win the AWE Women's title. John Tolios & Rockabilly Rebel b Sgt Rambo & Lou The Butcher. Dean Draven b Greg Stekker to win the AWE title. Amy Action won a Lord of the Ring battle royal.

November 9, 2002Australasian Wrestling Federation in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. TNT b Il Cognito to become the new AWF Australasian champion.