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Austra-Asian Championship

World Championship Wrestling (AUS)
National Wrestling Alliance

1972/04/28 Spiros Arion
      Defeated Killer Karl Kox
Sydney, New South Wales
1972/09/06 Bulldog Brower Brisbane, Queensland
1972/09/22 Spiros Arion (2) Sydney, New South Wales
1973/02/21 Paul Demarco Brisbane, Queensland
1973/03/21 Spiros Arion (3) Brisbane, Queensland
1974/02 Waldo Von Erich
      Allegedly defeated Arion in Fiji
1974/05/19 Mario Milano Sydney, New South Wales
1974/07/19 Ciclon Negro
      Negro & Brute Bernard defeated Milano & George Gouliovas in a tag match with the title on the line
Sydney, New South Wales
1974/11/01 George Gouliovas
      Gouliovas & Milano defeated Negro & Lorenzo Parente in a tag match with the title on the line
Sydney, New South Wales
1975/02/22 The Great Mephisto Sydney, New South Wales
1975/03/07 George Gouliovas (2) Melbourne, Victoria
1975/08/02 Moose Morowski Melbourne, Victoria
1975/09/12 Skandor Akbar Sydney, New South Wales
1975/10/11 The Great Mephisto (2) Melbourne, Victoria
1976/01 Ron Miller
      Awarded. Originally claimed that he had defeated Mephisto in New Zealand, but changed to Larry O'Day
      being billed as champion before finally settling on Miller allegedly defeating Pat O'Connor in Perth.
1978/12 Abandoned
      Promotion closed.