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NAW Tag Team Championship [VIC]

New Age Wrestling

2005/04/30 George Julio & Mike Manson

Melton, Victoria

2005/08/20 George Julio & Pitbull
      Pitbull a replacement for Manson
Albion, Victoria
2005/10/08 Vacant
      Julio & Pitbull stripped
2005/11/05 The Regulators
      Billy Blaze & Rack Dogg
      Defeated George Julio & Steve Valek

Albion, Victoria

2006/08/12 Stephan Cool & Shemal

Albion, Victoria

2007/02/03 Vacant
      Cool & Shemal left the promotion
2007/02/03 Steve Valek & Insano
      Defeated Sammy Souvlaki & Tony Foccacia and The Warriors of Rock in a three-way

Albion, Victoria

2007/04/21 The Chapel Street Crew
      Sammy Souvlaki & Tony Foccacia

Albion, Victoria

2008/03/01 The Banditos
      George Julio (2) & Iron Horse Morrison

Albion, Victoria

2008/09/06 Vacant
      Julio and Morrison split up
2010/01/16 George Julio (3) & Tank
      Defeated Death & Taxes

Albion, Victoria

2010/01/16 George Julio (3) & Morphine
      Morphine replacement for Tank

Albion, Victoria

2010/07/24 Death & Taxes
      Defeated George Julio & Jackson B Credible

Albion, Victoria

2010/12/18 The Slayer Player Connection
      Scott Slayer & Jake Lindo

Albion, Victoria

2012/02/04 The Extreme Aliiance
      Scott Slayer & Josh Extreme
      Jake Lindo turned on Scott Slayer and the belts were held up on 2011/07/09. Slayer defeated Lindo in a Best of 3 series to
      keep the title and pick a new partner
Melton, Victoria
2012/08/04 The Smashmouth Project
      Xavier Black & Joel Bateman
Albion, Victoria
2012/10/20 The New Blood
     Sketch & Dread
Colac, Victoria
2012/11/03 The Rhodes Boys
      Andy Rhodes & Sinner Insano (2)
Albion, Victoria

Dole Patrol (Andy Rhodes & Filthy Fil)


Albion, Victoria

Joel Bateman & Judd Newman

Melton, Victoria