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WWA International Cruiserweight Championship

World Wrestling All-Stars

2001/10/19 Juventud Guerrera
      Defeated Psicosis
Perth, Western Australia
2001/10 Vacant
      Title to be defended on Pay-Per-View
2001/10/26 Juventud Guerrera (2)
      Defeated Psicosis
Sydney, New South Wales
2001/12/08 Psicosis Glasgow, SCOTLAND
2002/02/24 Eddie Guerrero Las Vegas, USA
2002 Vacant
      Guerrero left the promotion
2002/04/13 AJ Styles
      Defeated Jerry Lynn
Melbourne, Victoria
2002 Vacant
2003/05/21 Jerry Lynn
      Defeated Chris Sabin
Sydney, New South Wales
2003/05/23 Chris Sabin Auckland, NEW ZEALAND
2003/05/25 ABANDONED
      Unified with the TNA X Division Championship