I'd just like to take this opportunity to acknowledge Libnan Ayoub. He's the son of Sheik Wadi Ayoub and an extremely big part of Australian wrestling history. In 1998, he released the book '100 Years of Australian Professional Wrestling' which chronicles the sport from as far back 1880 - the earliest recorded history of pro wrestling in this country, and considering this country has technically only been a country since 1901 - that is QUITE impressive. Having just obtained the book from my father and AustralianWrestling.org contributor Mark Dalgleish - I will be adding quite a bit of information from it.

I HIGHLY recommend for anyone interested in the Australian circuit from the 'glory days' of World Championship Wrestling and beforehand.

Libnan Ayoub has also contributed quite significantly to the works of Royal Duncan & Gary Will (Wrestling Title Histories - released in 2000, a great book with title histories from around the world and covers over 100 years worth) and Hisaharu Tanabe (www.wrestling-titles.com) who has continued to keep title histories since Duncan & Will's book was last released. (As well running www.puroresu.com, a neccesity for those interested in the history of Japanese wrestling).

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