On the 10th of August, 2012 PWA Queensland ceased operations after 5 years. The promotion formerly run by Luke Davidson (better known as Mason Childs) was sold to Andrew Venables in mid-2010.

A week later on the 17th, Greg Prowse pulled the pin on PROWL Wrestling after a year and a half.

I have received a statement this morning (18/08) from Andrew Venables regarding the closures.


Its no secret. Queensland Wrestling is a joke. For the first part of this year, 4 companies ran with almost the exact same roster. Four companies fighting for the same weekends. Add a potential 5th company, same roster again and we have a clusterfu#k.

When I first met the GWE Promoters in March, I told them that the implosion of wrestling in Queensland was imminent. No body wanted to run for the fans. Promoters promoted for themselves, wrestlers wrestled solely for a payday or to hook up. Backstage the grab for power amongst all hit fever pitch. And company's were only making back 10% of what was spent in total. Something had to change.

2 weeks ago, I made the tough decision to shut PWAQ down. Without going into detail, I made the decision because all the signs were right. I knew this was the right time. Everyone had somewhere else to go so no one was left out in the cold. I had a good "relationship" with AWA and GWE so I was content with taking a back seat and letting other people make the big calls.

Then late last night I hear my "nemesis" Greg Prowse was shutting down and I was genuinely shocked. Prowse is probably the only person more stubborn then myself. Prowse told me he was over the backstage BS and for the first time in nearly 2 years we were on the same page.

2 companies in 2 weeks gone because of the backstage bullshit. Yet the industry marks still go on the internet and blame people when they should be looking in the mirror. On not innocent in this. Im just as guilty as everyone else. But at least I tried to get everyone on the same page. My attempts failed as the "Illuminati" of Queensland Wrestling have this state by the balls.

Queensland Wrestling has forced itself back to a size that it can manage. QCW far north, AWA Northside, GWE South/West Side, IPW far south. The roster isn't pushed as much, the fans are torn between 50 shows.

Its time that the workers and fans united and support Queensland wrestling. Instead of jumping on hate pages and bagging out shows, get on there and promote the positives. Workers, start working for the fans not yourselves. Without the fans there is no show. Get off Facebook and Twitter. It has its place but not to troll and abuse others.

Queensland Wrestling needs to pull its head out of its ass and start working together otherwise there won't be a Queensland Wrestling.

- Andrew Venables


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