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Here is a list of all the people that have helped this site, as well as resources that have been used in compiling data. Major contributors in bold. Note: Australian promotions websites are not referenced here as they can be found in the Promotions section. Wrestler facebook pages are not listed, as they can usually be found by searching said wrestler on Facebook.

Anestashe Kelly
Alex Speakman
Andrew Venables
Ben Koehler
Brad Dykens
Chris Charteris
Chris Dalgleish
Christian Proctor
Cory Lockwood

Ed Lock
Gavin Arnold
Geoff Brown
Greg Bownds
Greg Prowse
Hayden Pearce
Jade Sue-Tin
Jason Conlan

Jay Millar
Josh Mars
Julie White
Kelso Kahoniz
Kyle Barton
Libnan Ayoub
Mark Dalgleish
Matt Muir
Matthew Pintor Wilson
Michael Coppola
Michael Scibilia
Michelle Hasluck
Mighty Mel
Miss Rhi from NHB Girls
Mitch Cutting
Phil Gluyas
Russell Whitehead
Samuel Hanson
Scott Bell
Shane Henney
Shane Wilson
Tez Himself
Tim Dance-Kaad

100 Years of Australian Professional Wrestling by Libnan Ayoub w/ Tom Gannon (1998)
All-Around Men: Heroes of a Forgotten Sport by Frank Zarnowski (2005)
Australian Piledriver magazine
Death Clutch by Brock Lesnar (2010)
Listen, You Pencil Neck Geeks by Fred Blassie (w/ Keith Elliott Greenberg) (2003)
mX newspapers
Pro Wrestling Illustrated magazine
Quest newspapers
Sydney Morning Herald newspaper
To Be The Man by Ric Flair (2004)
Total Wrestling magazine
Westside Pro Wrestling Almanac 2010 by Tez (2011)
Wrestling News magazine
Wrestling Title Histories by Gary Will & Royal Duncan (2000) (HONOUR / RESPECT magazine) (The Corino Chronicles)
(What Would Chris Benoit Do?) (RUMBLE magazine)