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Title Histories

A list of all the titles to be defended in Australia. Titles that belong to Australian promotions are listed, as well as overseas titles that have been defended here, either on a promotion's tour (eg; WWE and WCW titles) or an individual champion's tour (eg; PWG and SHIMMER titles)

Austra-Asian Championship
Austra-Asian Tag Team Championship
Australian Heavyweight Championship
Australian Junior Heavyweight Championship
Australian Junior Heavyweight Championship (1955-1967)
Australian Light Heavyweight Championship
Australian Light Heavyweight Championship (George Gardiner)
Australian Light Heavyweight Championship [NSW]
Australian Middleweight Championship [NSW]
Australian Tag Team Championship [NSW]
Australian Welterweight Championship
Australian Women's Championship
AWA Heavyweight Championship [QLD]
AWE Championship [NSW]
AWE Hardcore Championship [NSW]
AWE Tag Team Championship [NSW]
AWF Australasian Championship
AWF Championship
AWF Commonwealth Championship
AWF Tag Team Championship
AWF Young Lion's Championship
AWGP Championship [QLD]
British Empire Heavyweight Championship
British Empire Heavyweight Championship [NSW]
British Empire Light Heavyweight Championship
CWA Hardcore Championship [NSW]
CWA Heavyweight Championship [NSW]
CWA Tag Team Championship [NSW]
CWA Women's Championship [NSW]
EPW Championship [WA]
EPW Hardcore Championship [WA]
EPW Invitational Tournament Winners [WA]
EPW Tag Team Championship [WA]
GPW Heavyweight Championship [VIC]
GTV 9 Australian Heavyweight Championship [VIC]
GTV 9 Australian Light Heavyweight Championship [VIC]
HRPW Championship [SA]
i-Generation Australasian Championship
i-Generation Tag Team Championship
i-Generation World Heavyweight Championship
IPW Australian Championship [QLD]
IPW Hardcore Championship
IPW South Pacific Championship [QLD]
IPW WCW Legacy Tag Team Championship [QLD]
IWA Heavyweight Championship [NSW]
IWA Women's Championship [NSW]
IWA World Heavyweight Championship
IWA World Tag Team Championship
MCW Heavyweight Championship / ACW Heavyweight Championship [VIC]
NAW Brass Knuckles Championship [VIC]
NAW Heavyweight Championship [VIC]
NAW South Pacific Championship [VIC]
NAW Tag Team Championship [VIC]
NAW Women's Championship [VIC]
NHPW Art of Fighting Championship [WA]
NHPW Hi-Fi Championship [WA]
NHPW IndyGurlz Australian Championship [WA]
NHPW World Shield Winners [WA]
NIGHTMARE Wrestling Tag Team Championship [NSW]
NIGHTMARE Wrestling Undisputed Heavyweight Championship [NSW]
North American Championship [NSW]
NPW Heavyweight Championship [NSW]
NPW Middleweight Championship [NSW]
NWA Australian National Heavyweight Championship
NWA Pro Australia Tag Team Championship [SA]
NWA United National Heavyweight Championship (2004-)
NWA World Heavyweight Championship
Pacific Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Title
Pacific Pro Wrestling Light-Heavyweight Title
Pacific Pro Wrestling P1 Tournament
Pacific Pro Wrestling Tag Title
Pacific Pro Wrestling Women's Title
PCW Tag Team Championships [VIC]
PROWL Heavyweight Championship [QLD]
PROWL Super Hulk Championship [QLD]
PROWL Tag Team Trophy [QLD]
PWA Canberra Championship [ACT]
PWA Championship [NSW]
PWA International Championship / PWAQ World Championship [QLD]
PWA King of New School tournament winners [NSW]
PWA National Championship [ACT]
PWA Queensland Championship [QLD]
PWA Queensland Tag Team Championship [QLD]
PWA Rise of the Warriors tournament winners [QLD]
PWA Tag Team Championship [NSW]
PWA Underground Championship [QLD]
PWA Underground Women's Championship / PWAQ Women's Championship [QLD]
PWAQ Smashmouth Championship [QLD]
PWAQ Southern Cross Championship [QLD]
PWG World Championship
PWI National Championship [SA/VIC]
PWI South Pacific Championship [SA/VIC]
PWWA Championship
RCW Championship [SA]
SHIMMER Championship
SHWA Championship [WA]
SHWA Golden Hardcore Shovel Championship
SHWA Masked Championship [WA]
SHWA Tag Team Championship [WA]
Silver Belt Australian Heavyweight Championship [NSW]
SNAKEPIT Adelaide Open Championship [SA]
SNAKEPIT Heavyweight Championship [SA]
SNAKEPIT Tag Team Championship [SA]
South Australia Heavyweight Championship [SA]
South Australia Middleweight Championship [SA]
South Pacific Championship
Southern Hemisphere Middleweight Championship [SA]
SWA Mixed Tag Team Championship [NSW]
SWA Southern Cross Championship [NSW]
UWA Championship
UWA Tag Team Championship [NSW]
WCW United States Heavyweight Championship
WCW World Heavyweight Championship
WCW World Tag Team Championship
World Heavyweight Championship (WWE)
World Wrestling Championship (GWE) [QLD]
WWA Hardcore Championship
WWA International Cruiserweight Championship
WWA World Heavyweight Championship
WWE Championship
WWE Cruiserweight Championship / WCW World Cruiserweight Championship
WWE Intercontinental Championship
WWE Women's Championship
WWX Undisputed Heavyweight Championship
ZERO-1 Australian National Hwt Title