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Donald Dinnie

Name: Donald Dinnie
Height: 6' 1" / 1.85 m
Weight: 210 lbs / 95 kgs
Born: 1837
From: Balnacraig, Birse, Scotland
Died: 1916

Recognised as arguably "The Nineteenth Century's Greatest Athlete", Dinnie was an all-round athlete with a 20 year reign as Scottish Champion in the Highland Games spanning 1856-1876. He excelled in sprint, hurdles, long jump, high jump, pole vault, putting the stone, hammer throw, tossing the caber and of course, wrestling.

Dinnie came to Australia and wrestled Tom Cannon on January 27, 1887. After losing that match - he challenged him to a rematch which ended in draw.

Donald Dinnie died in 1916 at age 78 in London. In 2002 he was abducted into the Scottish Sports Hall of Fame in Edinburgh.

Major titles: World Champion Wrestler, Scottish Champion (1856-1876), Strongest Man in the World, Greatest Athlete in the World.

Credit: 100 Years of Australian Professional Wrestling by Libnan Ayoub, Wikipedia, Chris Dalgleish
Photo credit: Wikipedia (public domain)