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Professor William Miller

Name: Professor William Miller
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 191-196 lbs
Born: December 16, 1846
From: Cheshire, England
Died: March 12, 1939

After migrating to Australia at age four, Professor Miller was the Australian Champion in the 1880s and laid a valid claim to a version of the World Championship. A highly athletic wrestler, he was also a champion at boxing, broadsword and dumbbell lifting. On September 26, 1885 Miller lost his title to Clarence Whistler, who died soon after. Miller died in his home in Baltimore at age 92 on March 12, 1939. Travelled to USA in 1903. Manager of the San Francisco Athletic Club.

Major titles: World Heavyweight Championship, Australian Championship

Credit: 100 Years of Australian Professional Wrestling by Libnan Ayoub, Chris Dalgleish, Cyber Boxing Zone
Photo credit: Cyber Boxing Zone (public domain)