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Rocky Menero

Name: Rocky Menero
Height: 6' / 182cm
Weight: 220lbs / 99kgs
Born: 1983
From: Adelaide, SA, Aus
Debut: April 2001
Trained by: Col Dervaney
Retired: 2011
Finisher: Roll of the Dice, Boston Crab

A mainstay of Australian scene. Debuted in April 2001. Made the finals of PWAQ's Rise of the Warriors in 2011. Retired in 2011 losing the RCW title to Mimic.

Has worked for many promotions including; Australian Championship Wrestling/Melbourne City Wrestling, Explosive Pro Wrestling, EPW Adelaide/NWA Pro Australia, High Risk Pro Wrestling, Independent Championship Wrestling, Joint Promotions Wrestling, Pro Wrestling South Australia. Professional Wrestling Alliance Queensland, Riot City Wrestling, Snakepit Pro Wrestling.

Major titles: HRPW World Championship (2), JPW Championship, South Australian Heavyweight Championship, Snakepit Championship, RCW Championship.

Credit: Chris Dalgleish, Westside Pro Wrestling 2010 Almanac