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Mario Milano

Name: Mario Milano
Height: 6'5" / 186cm
Weight: 265lbs / 120kg
Born: May 15, 1935
From: Trieste, Italy
Debut: 1952

Died: Dec 9, 2016
Finisher: Abdominal stretch

Began wrestling in Venezuela, as “Black Diablo”, before making a name around Tennessee. Wrestled Pat OÇonnor for the NWA World Hwt title in 1960. Wrestled in Los Angeles in 1962, teaming with Baron Leone. Formed successful teams in Tennessee around 1963 and 1963, teaming with Jackie Fargo and Len Rossi.

Settled in Australia in 1967, leaving only for tours of WWWF and Japan.Won the IWA World title 4 times, defeating Killer Kowalski, Ripper Collins, Mike Scicluna and The Spoiler, as well as winning the Austro-Asian title from Waldo von Erich.Was a perennial tag champion in Australia. After WCW closed in Australia, appeared smi-regularly for All-Japan Pro Wrestling.

In the 2000s has appeared on Professional Championship Wrestling shows in Melbourne as well as spots looking at the history of Australian wrestling by Channel Nine.

Titles held: - IWA World Hwt (4), Austro-Asian Hwt, (Aust) World Brass Knuckles (4), IWA World Tag (14, w/ Red Bastien [3], w/ Dominic de Nucci [3], w/ Spiros Arion [2], w/ Antonio Pugliese [2], w/ The Spoiler, w/ Waldo von Erich, w/ Mark Lewin, w/ Billy White Wolf), Austro-Asian Tag (3, w/ Bugsy McGraw, w/ Johnny Gray, w/ Larry O'Dea), Southern Tag (8, w/ Jackie Fargo [3], w/ Len Rossi [5])

Credit: Mark Dalgleish, Chris Dalgleish, Wrestling Title Histories