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Les Roberts

Name: - Les Roberts
From: - Australia
Debut: - 1968
Also Known As: - Dingo the Sundowner, The Masked Australian

Wrestled in Australia, Detroit, Los Angeles, Texas, Hawaii and Canada. Defeated Rocky Johnson in 1970 in Los Angeles to win the "Beat the Champ" TV title, later dropping it to the Great Kojika. Wrestled Dory Funk Jr for the NWA World title in Texas in 1972.

Returned to Australia in early 1973, initially being managed by Big Bad John at the start of the "War", wrestling under a mask as "The Masked Australian".

In 1976, won the Austro-Asian Tag titles with Hito Tojo from Ron Miller & Johnny Gray, later losing them to Johnny Gray & Kevin Martin. Teamed with Butcher Brannigan in 1978, being awarded the Austro-Asian Tag titles in August. Swapped the belts with Mario Milano & Johnny Gray before finally losing them to Larry O'Day & Mario Milano.

Appeared on “The Paul Hogan Show” and “The Don Lane Show”. Rumoured to have died in 1997, but is still alive as of 2011.

Titles Held: - California Beat the Champ TV, Los Angeles Brass Knuckles, Austro-Asian Tag (3) (w/ Hito Tojo Tojo, w/ Butcher Brannigan [2])

Credit: Mark Dalgleish,,
Photo credit: Libnan Ayoub's 100 Years of Australian Professional Wrestling