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Bruiser Brody

Name: - Bruiser Brody
Height: - 6'5 (196cm)
Weight: - 285lb (129kg)
Born: - June 18, 1946
From: - Detroit, Michigan
Trained By: - Ed Farhat (The Sheik)
Debut: - 1973
Died: - July 17, 1988 (stabbed to death)
Also Known As: - Frank Goodish, Red River Jack, King Kong Brody, The Masked Marauder
Finisher: - Running knee drop

Toured Australia: - 1977, 1978

Former American football and basketball college star. Had a reputation for being 'unco-operative', so didn't work in the 'mainstream' promotions for long. Had a memorable TV 'squash' match in Australia, against Dougie Darren, where Brody appeared to be upset about something and just manhandled Darren for a few minutes, before the referee stepped in an just awarded the match to Brody, Darren was never seen again. Was stabbed to death backstage in Bayamon, Puerto Rico, by wrestler Jose Gonzales. Gonzales was later acquitted of Brody's murder, claiming 'self-defence'.

Titles Held: - American Hwt, WWA World Hwt, Texas Hwt, Florida Hwt, NWA International Hwt, Central States Hwt, Western States Hwt, NWF International, SCW Brass Knuckles, WCWA TV, (Aust) World Brass Knuckles, Texas Brass Knuckles (6), PWF World Tag (w/ Stan Hansen), American Tag (3, w/ Kerry von Erich), Texas Tag (3) (w/ Mike York, w/ Gino Hernandez, w/ Kerry von Erich), SCW World Tag (w/ Dick Slater), US Tag (w/ Stan Hansen), Central States Tag (w. Ernie Ladd), World's Strongest Tag Team League (2) (w/ Jimmy Snuka, w/ Stan Hansen)

Bruiser Brody & King Curtis v Giant Baba & The Destroyer, All Japan 1979

Credit: Mark Dalgleish, Wikipedia,, Libnan Ayoub's 100 Years of Australian Professional Wrestling
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