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Bruno Sammartino

Name: - Bruno Sammartino
Height: - 5'11 (180cm)
Weight: - 265lb (120kg)
Born: - October 6, 1935

Died:- April 18, 2018
From: - Pizzoferrato, Italy
Trained by: - Rex Peary
Debut: - December 17, 1959 (vs Dmitri Grabowski)
Retired: - 1987
Finisher: - Backbreaker

Toured Australia: 1966, 1978

Was a successful weightlifter, narrowly missing out on selection for the US Olympic team in 1956. Is largely credited with making the WWWF a successful promotion. Won the WWWF title in 1963, from Buddy Rogers, holding if for a longer time than any other wrestler.

Toured Australia in 1966, wrestling and defeating such foes as Waldo von Erich, Art Nelson, Killer Kowalski, The Destroyer and Johnny Boyd. Appeared to win the IWA World Hwt title from The Destroyer, but was denied by winning the second fall via dq. Also teamed with Dominic de Nucci and Argentina Apollo. Returned to Australia in 1978 as part of an independent promotion, but the tour was curtailed early due to poor sales.

Although always linked to WWWF, he toured between title reigns, wrestling Harley Race in St. Louis for the NWA title in 1973. Retired in 1981, but was lured back into wrestling by Vince K McMahon. Appeared as a commentator for WWF from 1984-88. Inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2013.

Titles won: - WWWF World Hwt (2), NWA US Hwt (Toronto), WWWF US Tag (w/ Spiros Arion), WWWF International Tag (2, w/ Dominic De Nucci, w/ Tony Marino), NWA Intenational Tag (w/ Whipper Watson), WWA Tag (w/ Dick the Bruiser), GP Tag (w/ Ed Carpentier)

Bruno Sammartino v Hans Schmidt, Capitol Wrestling 1963

Credit: Mark Dalgleish, Wikipedia, Libnan Ayoub's 100 Years of Australian Professional Wrestling
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