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Big Bad John

Name: - Big Bad John
Height: - 6'6 (201cm)
Weight: - 300lb (136kg)

From: - Plano, Texas, USA

Born: - January 27, 1943
Died: - September 17, 1980

Toured Australia: 1972, 1973

Journeyman wrestler in US, found his greatest fame in Australia as the 'General' of Big Bad John's Army. His army of heels included Abdullah the Butcher, Waldo von Erich, Bulldog Brower, Mr Fuji, Hiro and Hito Tojo, Don Fargo, Blackjack Slade and Tiger Jeet Singh. They 'waged war' on the People's Army, mainly comprising Mark Lewin, King Curtis, Spiros Arion, Killer Karl Kox, Mario Milano, Sheik Wadi Ayoub, and any number of locals. John was always seen in a German-style steel helmet. The feud was a defining moment in the history of World Championship Wrestling, such was its success, and turned out to be a 'last hurrah' for Promoter Jim Barnett, who returned to US at the end of the year.

John wrestled mainly around Tennessee, but ventured to Detroit as well in 1967. His death is still a mystery, apparently either shot to death, stabbed, or died of liver disease (as stated on his death certificate).

Titles held: - Mid-American Hwt, Mississippi Hwt, Georgia TV, NWA World Tag (Tennessee) (2. w/ Pepe Lopez), AWA Southern Tag (2, w/ Billy Dundee), Florida Tag (w/ Tim Woods), Gulf Coast Tag (w/ Rip Tyler), Macon Tag (w/ Buddy Colt), NWA World 6-Man Tag (w/ Johnny Gray & Lorenzo Parente)

Big Bad John Promo, World Championship Wrestling 1973

Credit: Mark Dalgleish,,
Photo credit: Unknown