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Cyclone Negro


Name: - Cyclone Negro
Height: - 6'1” (185cm)
Weight: - 250lb (113kg)
Born: - April 7, 1932
From: - San Felipe, Venezuela
Debut: - 1956
Retired: - 1984

Died: - Feb 20, 2013.

Finisher: - Jumping piledriver
Also known as:- Ciclon Negro, Lalo Rodriguez, Chief Guacanopoulos, Punchy Pinero, Mr. Uganda

Toured Australia: - 1968, 1974, 1976

Was an amateur boxer before becoming a wrestler, fought Floyd Patterson in the Pan-American Games in 1951. Travelled extensively around the world, spending much time in Europe. Alternated between face and heel during his career, but was always a heel in Australia. Wrestled under a mask in Florida as “Mr. Uganda”, managed by Sonny King.

Titles held: - Americas Hwt, Texas Hwt, Florida Hwt (2), Western States Hwt (3), NWA International Hwt (4), Caribbean Hwt,(Aust) World Brass Knuckles (2),  NWA Brass Knuckles (3), Florida Brass Knuckles (2), IWA World Tag (w/ Mike Scicluna), (Texas) World Tag (3, w/ Dory Dixon, w/ Oscar Salazar, w/ Ricki Starr), WWC North American Tag (w/ Hurricane Castillo), Mid-South US Tag (w/ Dr. X), Texas Tag (2, w/ Torbellino Blanco), Florida Tag (3, w/ Jack Brisco, w/ Sam Steamboat, w/ Omar Negro), Western States Tag (/ Karl von Steiger), All Asia Tag (w/ Gene Kiniski)

Cyclone Negro v Ted Marshall, Florida 1982

Credit: Mark Dalgleish,, Libnan Ayoub's 100 Years of Australian Professional Wrestling
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