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Bobo Brazil


Name: - Bobo Brazil
Height: - 6'6 (198cm)
Weight: - 270lb (120kg)
Born: - July 10, 1923
From: - Little Rock, Arkansas, USA
Trained by: - Joe Savoldi
Debut: - 1947
Retired: - 1993
Died: - January 20, 1998 (stroke)
Finisher: - Coco butt
Also known as: - Houston Harris, Booboo Brazil, Bubu Brasil

Toured Australia: - 1959, 1970

Known as one of first 'black' wrestlers to break down racial barriers in US. Billed as hailing from Benton Harbour, Michigan throughout his career. Played semi-pro baseball before breaking into wrestling. Toured Australia for Dick Lean's Stadiums Ltd in 1959, and for Jim Barnett in 1970.

Wrestled Bruno Sammartino for the WWWF title in a rare face-vs-face matchup. Defeated Buddy Rogers for the NWA title, but was not recognised by the NWA. Was involved in a decades-long feud with The Sheik in Detroit. Inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 1994.

Titles held: - WWA (Calif) World Hwt (2), WWA (Indiana) World Hwt (2), WWWF US Hwt (7), NWA US Hwt (9), (SF) NWA US Hwt, Mid-Atlantic US Hwt, Americas Hwt (3), Pacific Coast Hwt, (Toronto) NWA US Hwt, NWA International Hwt (2), Maritime North American Hwt, NWA Beat the Champ TV, Ohio Hwt, SOW US Hwt, (Detroit) NWA World Tag (8, w/ Art Thomas, w/ Bill Miller, w/ Lord Layton, w/ Tony Marino [3], w/ Stomper Guy Mitchell, w/ Fred Curry), NWA International TV Tag (4, w/ Wilbur Snyder [2], w/ Sandor Szabo, w/ Primo Carnera), Canadian Open Tag (w/ Whipper Watson), Florida Tag (2. w/ Sweet Brown Sugar. w/ Dusty Rhodes), Ohio Tag (w/ Frankie Talaber), WWA (Indiana) World Tag (w/ Chris Carter)

Bobo Brazil v Fritz von Erich, Texas 1960

Credit: Mark Dalgleish, Wikipedia, Libnan Ayoub's 100 Years of Australian Professional Wrestling
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