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Al Costello


Name: - Al Costello
Height: - 5'9” (195cm)
Weight: - 235lb (107kg)
Born: - 14 December, 1919
From: - Lingua Salina, Italy
Trained by: - Basher Bonas
Debut: - 1938
Retired: - 1987
Died: - 22 January, 2000 (pneumonia and heart problems)

Born in Italy but migrated to Australia aged 6. Wrestled in Asia and South Africa in his early years, before going to US in 1952. Formed “The Kangaroos” with Roy Heffernan in 1957 in Calgary, being managed by “Wild Red” Berry. Toured US from 1958, as well as travelling to Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Heffernan returned to Australia in 1965, but Costello remained in US, teaming with Louie Tillet as “The Globetrotters” and with Karl von Brauner as “The Internationals”. Teamed briefly with Ray St. Clair as “The Kangaroos”in 1967, before Ray was forced to retire.

Began teaming with Don Kent in 1968 as “The Kangaroos”, with George Cannon as manager. Costello returned to Australia briefly in 1972 and wrestled a few matches before returning to US. After suffering an injury in 1974, Costello took time off, but returned as manager of the Love Bros. in 1975. He then returned to the ring and teamed with English wrestler Tony Charles as “The Kangaroos”, before reforming with Don Kent.

Returned in 1981 as a manager, this time of his own “Kangaroos”, Don Kent and Bruno Bekkar. Bekkar was replaced by Bob de la Serra, who adopted the persona of “Johnny Heffernan”, allegedly a nephew of Roy. Retired in 1987, but was lured back in 1993 to manage “The New Fabulous Kangaroos”, Mickey Doyle and Denny Kass. Doyle was soon replaced by Al Snow. Costello retired for good in 1994.

Titles held: - Australasian Hwt, NWA Southern Jr Hwt, NWA World Tag (11, w/ Roy Heffernan [4], w/ Louie Tillet, w/ Karl von Brauner, w/ Don Kent [3], w/ Ray St. Clair, w/ Herb Welch), WWC World Tag (w/ Don Kent), (LA) WWA World Tag (w/ Roy Heffernan), (Indiana) WWA World Tag (w/ Don Kent), TWWA World Tag (w/ Roy Heffernan), Stampede International Tag (w/ Roy Heffernan), NWA Canadian Tag (4, w/ Roy Heffernan), NWA International Tag (w/ Roy Heffernan), NWA US Tag (5, w/ Roy Heffernan), American Tag (w/ Karl von Brauner), Maritime International Tag (w/ Don Kent)

Al Costello & Don Kent v Prince Pullins & Ricky Hamilton, WWA 1972

Credit: Mark Dalgleish, Wikipedia
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