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Robbie Eagles


Name: Robbie Eagles
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 80kgs
Born: February 13, 1990
From: Jonestown, New South Wales, Aus
Trained by: Eagles Wrestling Academy
Debut: March 2008
Finisher: Pulse Drop (Shiranui), Warp 4.5 (450 Splash)

The brother of Ryan Eagles, Robbie has toured Australia extensively and wrestled for almost every major promotion.

Based at PWA Australia, Eagles has won many titles including being half of the first ever PWA Tag Team Champions with Mat Diamond as the Light Speed Express in 2010.

In August 2011, Robbie toured the United States and wrestled for CHIKARA in Philadelphia at their annual Young Lions Cup tournament.

With his explosive wrestling style, Robbie Eagles is one of the most exciting wrestlers in Australia.

Major titles: A1GP Championship, PWA Tag Team Championship (w/ Mat Diamond), PWA King of the New School 2010, Newcastle Pro Wrestling Middleweight Champion

Credit: Chris Dalgleish, Robbie Eagles Facebookpage, PWA Australia,
Photo credit: Julie White

Robbie Eagles at his PROWL debut in February 2012