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Pedro Morales


Name: - Pedro Morales

Height: - 5' 10 (178cm)

Weight: - 235lb (107kg)

Born: - 22 October, 1942

From: - Culebra, Puerto Rico

Trained by: - Barba Rojo

Debut: - 1959

Retired: - 1987

Finishers: - Boston crab, Senton


Toured Australia: - 1969


Debuted at Sunnyside Gardens, New York, in 1959, defeating Buddy Gilbert. Wrestled in Los Angeles and Hawaii during the 60s, swapping the WWA World title with The Destroyer, Crazy Luke Graham and Buddy Austin. Came to Australia in 1969, but was involved in a shooting incident with Buddy Austin in King's Cross. Both wrestlers were sent back to America. Austin was back in Australia later in the year, but Morales never returned.

Defeated Ivan Koloff for the WWWF World title in February 1971. Held the title for nearly 3 years (including defending it against former champ Bruno Sammartino) until defeated by Stan Stasiak in December 1973. Morales toured the country for the next few years, being notably successful in San Francisco, Florida and the Caribbean. Returned to WWF in 1980 and became the first wrestler to win the 3 major titles in WWF the World title, Intercontinental title and the Tag title. Toured Puerto Rico in 1983 and 84 before returning to WWF. He was used mainly in lower-card matches and retired in 1987. He spent some time after that as a member of the Spanish-language announcers' team in WWF. Was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 1995. 


Titles held: - WWWF World Hwt, WWA World Hwt (2), WWF Intercontinental (2), NWA Southern Hwt, WWC North American Hwt (2), WWWF US Hwt, (Hawaii) NWA North American Hwt (3), Florida TV, WWF World Tag (w/ Bob Backlund), (SF) NWA World Tag (w/ Pat Patterson), WWA World Tag (4, w/ Luis Hernandez, w/ Mark Lewin, w/ Ricky Romero, w/ Victor Rivera), WWC World Tag (w/ Carlos Colon), Florida Tag (w/ Rocky Johnson), Hawaiian Tag (3, w/ Bing Ki Lee, w/ Ed Francis [2])

Credit: Mark Dalgleish, Wikipedia
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