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Baron von Heczey


Name: - Baron von Heczey

Height: - 6'3 (191cm)

Weight: - 252lb (114kg)

Born: - 1921

From: - Hungary

Died: - 24 May, 1991

Also known as: - Ladislaus von Heczey


Giant Hungarian wrestler, spent the early part of his career wrestling around Europe, particularly in Germany. Came to Australia in 1953, and was a mainstay of the local scene until 1963. Formed a successful team with Len Holt in the mid 50s. Successfully toured Britain in 1961. Won the Australian Hwt title from the legendary George Pencheff in 1957, and held it until 1962.


Titles held: - Australian Hwt.

Credit: Mark Dalgleish,, Libnan Ayoub's 100 Years of Australian Professional Wrestling
Photo credit: