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Billy Robinson


Name: - Billy Robinson

Height: - 5'11 (180cm)

Weight: - 240lb (110kg)

Born: - 18 September, 1939

From: - Manchester, England

Trained by: - Billy Riley

Debut: - 1955

Retired: - 1992

Died: - 27 Feb, 2014

Finisher: - Bridging double underhook suplex


Toured Australia: - 1969


Possibly the greatest technical wrestler of alltime. Had a succesful amateur career in England, winning British and European titles. Trained at the 'Snake Pit' under Billy Riley, learning the arts of catch wrestling and shoot-fighting. Won the British Hwt title in 1967, eventually relinquishing it due to his touring Japan and America.

Toured Australia in 1969. Was billed as being born in Maryborough (it was never made clear if it was Maryborough in Queensland or Victoria), but growing up in England, to give him more appeal with Australian audiences. Won the IWA World title from Killer Karl Kox, only to drop it to King Curtis. Ventured to Japan where he won their IWA World title. Signed with the AWA in US, and quickly became one of the top names. Wrestled both Verne Gagne and Nick Bockwinkel for the AWA World title. Also wrestled in Memphis and Canada, wrestling to a draw against WWF champion Bob Backlund. Was a big name in Japan, where the 'shoot style' of wrestling was taking off.

Has been training several UFC fighters since his retirement.


Titles held: - (Aust) IWA World Hwt, CWA World Hwt (3), (Jap) IWA World Hwt (2), PWF World Hwt, NWA United National Hwt, NWA Southern Hwt, AWA British Empire Hwt (3), Canadian International Hwt, British Hwt, AWA World Tag (3, w/ Ed Francis, w/ Verne Gagne, w/ Crusher), Canadian International Tag (w/ Pierre Lefebvre)

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