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Czaya Nandor


Name: - Czaya Nandor
Born: - 3 September, 1924
From: - Hungary
Died: - 30 August, 2005 (cancer)
Also known as: - Bob Nandor

Toured Australia: - 1967

Known as the “Hungarian Freedom Fighter”. Had a successful run in Canada in the early 60s, swapping the Canadian Hwt title with Killer Kowalski particularly in Stampede, swapping the Canadian Hwt title with Killer Kowalski. Toured Australia in 1967 as a mid-card face. Wrestled in Georgia from 1968 to 1970.

Was admitted to the Stampede Wrestling Hall of Fame.

Titles held: - (Stampede) Canadian Hwt (3), (Stampede) International Tag (w/ Sandor Kovacs)

Czaya Nandor & Chet Wallick v Chris Tolos & John Tolos

Credit: Mark Dalgleish,
Photo credit: