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Jungle Cat


Name: Jungle Cat
Born: July 28, 1972
Trained by: George Julio, Jim Demerov
Debut: March 13, 1999

Jungle Cat debuted against Scorprian at the ICKA Club in Kellor, Victoria on March 13, 1999. Earliest regular tag partner was Highlander as 'Viscious & Delicious'. Most regular tag partner was Mike Manson.

Retired in July 2005 due to an injury requiring surgery. Made a comback in September 2009 for TNA's Search for a Superstar trials in Sydney where he won a place on the tour that didn't eventuate. Applied for the fifth season of Tough Enough in 2011 but was declined based on age.

Major titles: ARPW Championship, EWA Championship, PCW Championship, NAW Championship, NAW Tag Team Championship (w/ George Julio)

Credit: Matt Muir
Photo credit: Facebook

Jungle Cat at WWX in November 2011