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Bearcat Wright


Name: - Bearcat Wright

Height: - 6'6” (198cm)

Weight: - 275lb (125kg)

Born: - 13 January, 1932

From: - (billed) Kingston, Jamaica

Debut: - 1952

Retired: - 1974

Died: - 28 August, 1982

Finisher: - Clawhold


Toured Australia: - 1953, 1966, 1967


Began as a professional boxer, as “Bearcat Wright Jr” (his father was also a pro boxer). Became known for breaking down racial barriers in southern wrestling. Held the WWA World title, but was stripped of for refusing to defend it against noted 'shooter', Gene LeBell.

Was very popular in Australia in the mid 60s, winning the IWA World title twice from Skull Murphy. Was rumoured to have passed away in 1973, but lived on for another 9 years.


Titles held: - IWA World Hwt (2), WWA World Hwt, (SF) NWA US Hwt, BTW Hwt, Arizona Hwt, Ohio Hwt, NWA Brass Knuckles, IWA World Tag (w/ Mark Lewin), Pacific Northwest Tag (3, w/ Shag Thomas [2], w/ Billy White Wolf), Florida Tag (/ Bobby Shane), NWA Canadian Tag (w/ Enriques Torres), WWA International TV Tag (w/ Mr. Moto), Pacific Coast Tag (w/ Whipper Watson), Hawaiian Tag (2, w/ Luther Lindsay, w/ Sam Steamboat)


Credit: Mark Dalgleish, Wikipedia,, Libnan Ayoub's 100 Years of Australian Professional Wrestling
Photo credit: Myspace